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Eti Topkek Cocoa & Hazelnut 35 Gr

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Eti Topkek Cocoa with Hazelnut 35 g Sweet flavour that will satisfy your hunger Eti Topkek Cocoa with Hazelnut 35 g is available in the cakes section of the London Turkish market confectionery and nuts department. The cupcake, which is prepared entirely from real cocoa, becomes a unique pleasure with its abundant hazelnut grains. It leaves an insatiable taste in your mouth with its snack flavour consistency that you can enjoy with tea and coffee. Topkek is prepared and packaged untouched by hand with hazelnut cocoa, which has a classic taste.

Eti Topkek Cocoa & Hazelnut 35 G

The cakes, which are produced under extremely hygienic conditions, are prepared by the Turkish Standards Institute and approved by the ministries. The hazelnuts in its content are selected from the hazelnuts harvested in the season. The cake, which does not contain any additives, can be consumed with peace of mind throughout its shelf life if stored in a cool and dry place. Eti Topkek, a London Turkish market snack product that you can consume at any time of the day and will suppress your hunger, is served fresh in its 35 gram package. If you want to taste this flavour, you can add it to your cart immediately and order easily.

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