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Eker Milk Cream (Kaymak) 200g

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Eker Cream brings the traditional flavour of cream to your breakfast tables. You can also serve your London Turkish market cream, which makes your breakfasts lively with honey, jam and molasses, along with your desserts. It is recommended that your cream, which should be stored at a temperature between -1 and +4 degrees, should not come into contact with heat. In this way, it preserves its freshness for a longer time.

Eker Cream 200g

Eker 200 grams Cream, one of the indispensables of the tables, continues to beautify your tables. Eker Cream, with a milk fat content of at least 60%, strengthens your bones and keeps you fit during the day thanks to the abundant protein and calcium it contains. We can say that it is a London Turkish market product that you will not separate from your breakfast tables with its magnificent taste and healthy production. Consume it healthily with your family, loved ones and all the people around you.

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