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Duru Osmancik Pirinc 1 kg

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Osmancik rice; It is a type of rice that is one of the basic food materials of kitchens and has a wide usage area. It can be easily separated from other species by its long, wide, glassy and matte appearance. It is cultivated intensively in the Thrace Region. Samsun Bafra region is also very suitable for the cultivation of this species as it is wetland. In our Turkish grocery kitchen, it is widely used in stuffing and wrapping, pilafs, vegetable dishes and desserts such as rice pudding.

Duru Osmancik Rice 1 kg

Osmancik rice is an indispensable product for many dishes cooked both at home and in the kitchens of large restaurants and hotels. It is a species that continues to be preferred among the people from the past to the present. It appeals to the majority of the society, with reasonable Turkish grocery prices accessible to everyone. It always keeps its place at the top of the shopping lists.

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