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Duru Fine Bulgur (Koftelik - Kisirlik) 1 Kg

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Duru Fine Bulgur for Meatballs originates from Turkey. This hearty and delicious London Turkish market food, which is produced by carefully grinding the golden yellow wheat grown in the lands of Anatolia and turning it into bulgur, comes to your tables with Duru.

Duru Fine Bulgur for Meatballs 1 KG

Fine bulgur, which is one size smaller than bulgur for meatballs, is the smallest of the yellow bulgur varieties. It is generally preferred in making Çiğ köfte, as it softens with less water and is kneaded more easily. It can be used together with bulgur for meatballs, as well as in making meatballs and barren meatballs. You do not need to soak or wash the London Turkish market fine bulgur for meatballs before using it. In order to cook bulgur, which is prepared in a very practical way, it will be sufficient to use 1 glass of bulgur and 2 glasses of boiling water as a scale during cooking.

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