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Duru Jasmine Rice 1 kg

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With its long and thin grains, it adds both a pleasant appearance and flavour to the different dishes it is used in. Jasmine rice is cooked using plenty of water as it has a structure that absorbs a lot of water. You can easily add it to all kinds of vegetable and meat pilaf, milk desserts and any dish where rice is used. Jasmine rice, which is preferred especially in rice making with its grainy structure when cooked, also allows you to prepare different recipes with its slightly sugary taste. You can use it instead of Turkish market baldo rice in Persian rice or dishes specific to different cultures, add it to soups or boil it to make rice salad.

Duru Jasmine Rice 1 kg

Jasmine rice is a type of rice that is unique to Thailand, when it is cooked; the grain expands both in width and length and emits a special smell that is unique to it. Jasmine rice type, which is superior in Turkish market taste, is not produced outside of Thailand.

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