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Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur (Iri Pilavlik Bulgur) 1 kg

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Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur 1 kg is produced from durum wheat untouched. It is suitable for making meatballs. Bulgur for pilaf; It occurs as a result of breaking bulgur in a stone mill. No additives are used in its production. Bulgur cracked in stone mills is produced in accordance with the nature of bulgur, unlike bulgur that is broken in disc and hammer mills, so that it can preserve its original Turkish market flavour and smell. Instead of traditional drying methods, bulgur is dried by laying in advanced technology ventilation towers.

Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur 1 kg

Duru bulgur for rice preserves its freshness for a long time as long as its package is not opened. When the Turkish market package is opened, it should be stored in an environment away from air, humidity and odour as much as possible. The temperature of the environment where it will be stored should be approximately 18 degrees.

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