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Duru Fresh Sensations Soap - Mountain Air (Sabun) 4*110 Gr

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Experience a natural and effective cleansing experience with the natural herbal-based Fresh Sensations Mountain Air Beauty Soap. Its moisturizing formula does not dry out your hands. The essential essences in its intense perfume bring the fresh air of the mountain foothills into your bathroom. Its enriched foamy cheapest supermarket formula purifies your skin from dirt.

Duru Fresh Sensations Soap (Mountain Air) 4*110 Gr

Duru soap types, which are offered for sale with different perfume and ingredient alternatives for skin care and cleaning, offer the care that the skin needs in an economical and practical way by cleaning your skin carefully without drying it. Standing out with its clean content away from intense chemicals, Duru Pure & Natural Soap Series removes dirt and microbes by applying natural care to your skin. Crowning your bathing pleasure with its enriched foamy formula, Duru soap varieties provide the care your skin needs without tiring your budget with its price advantage. Duru Classic, which is an ideal option for those who cannot give up the classic soap scent that has not changed from the past to the present, carries the scent of fresh cheapest supermarket soap to your hands and skin. You can take your bathing pleasure to the highest level by choosing one of the solid bar or liquid soap options. Moreover, Duru soap prices are budget friendly and economical.

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