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Duru Detox Charcoal Shower Gel (Dus Jeli) 500 ml

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Duru Detox Shower Gel helps to deeply clean the dirt and oil in your pores. With its Turkish grocery anti-oiling formula containing activated charcoal, it gently cleans the deep-seated dirt. Fast city life, constant rush, bad and fast nutrition, intensive use of technology and many other factors are challenging both our body and mind. One of the best ways to get rid of this tiredness is to detox. Detox, which is the counterpart of cleansing and purification, is not only about nutrition; it can be applied in all areas of our lives, from our way of thinking to the products we use.

Duru Detox Charcoal Shower Gel 500 ml

The best way to start the day fresh and leave a tiring day behind is a warm, foamy shower. A fragrant shower gel is a must for a fast and effective shower… A shower gel that is compatible with the ideal pH level of the skin, deeply cleans and nourishes it is among the sine qua none of daily body care. You can take the necessary care of your skin by choosing the most suitable one among the shower gels strengthened with vitamins, natural oils, extra moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients. When choosing a shower gel, you need to consider the needs of your skin. If you want to saturate your skin with moisture during a relaxing shower, you can choose Turkish grocery shower gels for dry skin. Thanks to glycerine, B and E vitamins and various natural ingredients in the formula of moisturizing gels, the moisture needs of dry skin are met during the shower.

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