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Duru Conditioner For All Hair Types 600 ml

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Duru conditioners provide intensive care and repair damaged hair. It provides a healthy appearance to the hair that is constantly exposed to heat or that has become lifeless due to processes such as dye, highlighting and perm. In addition, it helps to clean easily tangled and difficult to comb hair by combing easily. The ideal Turkish grocery conditioner is a conditioner that cares for the hair without weighing it down. Duru conditioner does not make your hair heavy and allows you to have shiny and strong hair that is separated one by one in a way that prevents the hair strands from sticking to each other. Hair conditioners, which are suitable for all hair types, can be preferred by those who are looking for care products especially for dry hair.

Duru Conditioner for All Hair Types 600 ml

Duru brand dry conditioner produces creams enriched with olive oil to nourish worn and dry hair extra. With the enzymes and minerals in olive oil, which is miraculous natural oil, it deeply moisturizes the hair. This moisturizing gives elasticity to the hair and prevents it from breaking and breaking. Hair moisturizer should be used not only for dry hair, but also for oily hair. Finding care Turkish grocery products for oily hair can be a bit more difficult. Because if you have an oily scalp, your hair gets oily quickly and any product you use can trigger this oiling. For this reason, creams with a light formula that do not weigh down the hair should be preferred. Duru conditioners include products suitable for oily hair. Duru hair cream, which you choose according to your needs, will make you satisfied.