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Duru Color Protect Shampoo (Renk Koruyuculu Sampuan) 600 ml

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You can safely use Duru Colour Protect Shampoo, which gives shine and vitality to your hair with the pomegranate extracts it contains, to protect the colour of your dyed hair. While providing long-term London Turkish market colour permanence, it nourishes the hair. It helps to protect the density of the hair colour and the hair fibre.

Duru Colour Protect Shampoo 600 ml

Duru hair shampoo varieties, which make hair look clean, well-groomed and healthy, stand out as an indispensable part of personal care products for both women and men. Specially formulated for different hair types, Duru shampoo varieties appeal to different needs and tastes. These products, which nourish the hair follicles from end to end, provide a great advantage for users by preventing problems such as wear, breakage, oiliness, shedding and dandruff. The rich London Turkish market product components in the shampoos protect the moisture balance of the hair and allow it to breathe. In addition to these, shampoos; it structures the colour pigments, repairs the hair strands, and opens the clogged pores at the bottom of the hair, allowing for healthier hair. Shampoo types, which provide a practical use by displaying high performance in the care and repair of hair, have a high effect on all hair types such as oily, dry, thin and thick, wavy and curly.

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