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Duru Body Care Soap with Honey (Balli Sabun) 160 Gr

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Enriched with the miraculous effect of honey, Duru Body Care Soap with Honey enriches your bathing pleasure with its special scent while offering a foamy bath pleasure. Suitable for hand, face and skin use. You will almost reward your skin with the Turkish market special flavoured soaps we offer to our valued customers.

Duru Body Care Soap with Honey 160 Gr

Soaps, which are preferred as indispensable for bathrooms to ensure daily hand and body hygiene, ensure that your skin is cleaned from dirt and bacteria. Soaps offered for sale in the form of bar soap and liquid soap according to usage preference and need; while cleaning and refreshing your skin, it does not neglect to provide the care it needs. The soaps, which have different perfume and essence options suitable for all tastes and tastes, make you smell fresh and clean all day long with their intense perfume effect. Soap options, the contents of which can vary according to needs, are offered for sale with enhanced features that provide extra care or extra hygiene. Clean and natural Turkish market soap alternatives, specially developed for those who prefer naturalness, meet the need for sensitive and careful cleaning. Thanks to soap prices suitable for your budget, you can meet your hygiene and cleaning needs in an economical way. One of the soap types offered for sale in different quantities and weights will definitely meet your needs and allow you to clean in an economical way.


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