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Dr Oetker Puding Kakaolu 147 g

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The brand preferred by those who are fond of taste in food, Dr. Oetker continues its recipes that work wonders in the kitchen, this time with pudding. With different recipes in each package, Dr Oetker Pudding with Cocoa 147 g creates a delicious dessert. Pudding prepared by cooking with milk has a very practical preparation process. With its intense consistency and flavour, it creates a taste that can be consumed by everyone, big or small. Although the weight of a bag is approximately 147 grams, it can be easily cooked with 750 ml of milk. Dr. You can easily buy Dr Oetker Pudding with Cocoa 147 g products online from Turkish grocery shelves.

Dr Oetker Pudding with Cocoa 147 g

In our online market, Home Baking sections, it is possible to reach 147 g of Dr Oetker Pudding with Cocoa. Cocoa pudding, which has become one of the indispensable desserts of homes with its ideal consistency and ideal taste, as well as its easy preparation, has become one of the Turkish grocery desserts that accompany your tea pleasures with its light taste. Dr. Oetker has proven its success and superiority with the puddings it produces, and has come to the position of taking place at the tables of the world as well as Turkey.

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