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Dr Oetker Puding Çikolata Parçali

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There is no one who does not fall prey to the irresistible taste of chocolate. Chocolate, which is consumed especially by children, is now available to Dr. Oetker has taken the form of pudding with its credibility. Your Turkish grocery pudding is now much more delicious with its renewed formula that dissolves in the mouth. Dr Oetker Pudding with Chocolate Chips 115 G is a formula that anyone can easily make. Mix and cook your milk and pudding wherever you feel like, whether at home or at work. Throw your pudding in your fridge and let it cool. When it cools down, you can enjoy your delicious chocolate chip pudding.

Dr Oetker Pudding with Chocolate Chips

Dr Oetker Pudding with Chocolate Chips 115 G will not overwhelm you with its easy-to-open packaging structure. With the separation section that you can open properly, you can mix it with milk without the worry of spilling. With the recipe that you can easily and quickly make whenever your children want dessert, the problem of unhealthy junk food ends. Whether you make Turkish grocery pudding or pudding cakes, the mixture that will be indispensable in your home does not contain additives. You can visit the pudding aisle in the food and food supplies section of our markets and offer you the best quality and delicious chocolate chip pudding at the most affordable prices by Dr. You can get it with Oetker assurance.

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