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Dr Oetker Hizli Maya (Active Yeast) 32g

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Thanks to Dr. Oetker Instant Yeast, salty and sweet recipes can be prepared practically in a short time like 15 minutes at a time, without the need to wait for a long time. Dr.Oetker had Instant, Active and Sour Yeast varieties, and with the Instant Yeast variety added to these best grocery stores series, the result is easily and guaranteed.

Dr Oetker Instant Yeast 32g

Usage: Provides rapid fermentation in your salty and sweet leavened recipes. To prepare bread, to be added according to the recipe: 500 g (approximately 4.5 cups) flour, 300 ml (1.5 cups) warm water (38-40°C), 20 ml (2 tablespoons) oil, 5 -6 g (approximately 2 teaspoons) Salt 1- Set the oven to the specified temperature and turn it on beforehand to warm up. Turbo/Bottom-top cooking: 180°C (preheated) Sift the flour into a deep bowl. Add the quick yeast powder mixture and salt and mix with a spoon. Add water and best grocery stores oil and mix with the dough mixer tips of the mixer for 2-3 minutes. Then collect the dough with your hands and continue kneading until it becomes a dough that does not stick to the hand. 2- Put the dough in a pre-oiled mould (11 x 25 cm) or shape it as you wish and put it on a greased or baking paper lined tray. Line the dough 2-3 mm deep. Let it ferment for 15 minutes. 3- Place the tray on the middle shelf of the oven and cook for the specified time until golden brown.

Cooking time: 45-55 minutes Take it out of the oven and after 10 minutes put it on the cooling wire.