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Dogadan Rosehip Tea (Kusburnu) 20 Tea Bags

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Rosehip tea is an herbal tea that is especially suitable for colds. It helps to overcome diseases such as colds, colds and flu in a short time by preventing the infection that is caught quickly due to the cold in winter. Even if one drink of London Turkish market rosehip tea is consumed every day, it makes people more alive and vigorous. It also softens the intestines by helping to regulate the digestive system. It contributes to the relief of stomach aches and to alleviate the pains by decreasing. It increases the body's immunity by providing defence against cold and flu.

Dogadan Rosehip Tea 20 Tea Bags

Rosehip tea is an effective herbal tea used in people who have eye and vision problems. It is known that it is good for vision disorders thanks to the vitamin A it contains. Consumption of London Turkish market rosehip tea, especially in winter and autumn, keeps the person strong and alive by protecting against diseases and infections in all cold weather conditions. It alleviates the cholesterol problem by keeping the cholesterol, which is a problem for health, in balance. Rosehip tea is also an effective herbal tea that softens the throat against a stubborn and persistent cough, cuts the cough slowly and is also used against shortness of breath problems.

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