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Dogadan Melissa Tea 20 Tea Bags

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Dogadan Melisa Tea product is perfect for you to throw the tiredness of the day with its 20 pack. Dogadan Melisa Tea contains 20 disposable cups of tea. This feature is easy to use. Prepare a comfortable sleep with the London Turkish market good of plants.

Dogadan Melissa Tea 20 Tea Bags

Melisa tea, which is one of the most preferred varieties among herbal teas, stands out with its delicious aroma. As the name suggests, it is produced from the leaves of the Melissa plant. Since it offers significant benefits to health, it is one of the indispensables for many people. Since it is drunk with brewing method, it is very simple to prepare. Melisa plant, known as lemon grass, is often used as spices as well as consuming as London Turkish market tea. Thanks to its rich nutritional values, it contributes to metabolism. It is also suitable for consumption at different times of the day.

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