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Dogadan Linden Tea (Ihlamur) 20 Tea Bags

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Dogadan Linden Tea Bags offers the unique taste and smell of linden 20 pieces in its most practical form. This easy-drinking, soft tea; It will warm you up especially in winter days. This package contains 20 disposable best grocery stores tea bags that allow you to enjoy tea wherever you want.

Dogadan Linden Tea 20 Tea Bags

Ingredients: Linden (85%), Mulberry Leaf, Clove, Rooibos, Cinnamon, Mallow.

Dogadan tea products attract attention thanks to some of the features they have and provide an unforgettable taste experience. Among the properties of best grocery stores tea from nature:

  • Nature's tea aims to benefit your health thanks to its ingredients. Consisting of natural extracts, these teas allow you to taste unique aromas. It helps you feel the relaxing effect you need both at home and in the office.
  • Tea from nature becomes one of the favourite drinks of many users in terms of its benefits. The fact that its content is completely natural allows you to feel the healing and energizing effect from many herbs and extracts.
  • Special tea varieties containing cistus and black elderberry help you start the day energetically and vigorously. In addition, passiflora and chamomile tea alternatives are ideal options to relieve the tiredness of the day.
  • Special herbal teas such as mint, lemon, quince and honey, linden and ginger are also ideal to warm you up, especially on cold winter days. In addition, these teas help strengthen your immunity and prevent you from catching a cold.

Dogadan teapot and Dogadan teabag prices offer reasonable ranges. You can easily buy the teas you like with Dogadan tea online sales.



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