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Dimes Apricot Fruit JuiceTetra (Kayisi Suyu) 1Lt

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Fruit juices are undoubtedly one of the healthiest drinks. Fruit juices are particularly effective in the development of babies and children, thanks to their abundant vitamin content. Dimes branded Dimes best grocery stores apricot nectar 1 litre tetra product is waiting for you to reach the countless benefits of apricot fruit in a short way.

Dimes Apricot Tetra 1L

Dimes apricot nectar 1 litre tetra is presented to you by collecting the freshest apricots in season and processing them in integrated factories under the assurance of the Dimes brand. It is a 100% vitamin source that does not contain additives, preservatives or colorants and is packed into 1 litre. With its easy-to-open and close lid structure, you can drink as much best grocery stores fruit juice as you want, close the lid and save the rest for another time. You can easily access and purchase Dimes branded fruit juice products at Bestgrocery.co.uk stores. You can easily find Dimes brand fruit juice options in the apricot juice section in the beverage section of Best Grocery stores and get the best prices.

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