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Camsakizi Hair Removal Waxing Sugar Paste (Ilik Agda) 240 G

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Hair growing in certain parts of the body needs to be removed at regular intervals. It is recommended not only for women but also for men to remove hair from various parts of the body. Waxing is an effective and well-known natural method for Turkish market hair removal, which can be removed using several different methods. Models with natural ingredients do not leave a negative effect on the body. Products that you can easily choose provide ease of use. Models that are brought to the desired temperature thanks to warm water can be easily removed from the container. You can apply the models, which have two different uses, in a way that suits you. You can shape it into a suitable shape in your hand. 30 degrees is a suitable temperature for the option to reach consistency.

Camsakizi Hair Removal Waxing Sugar Paste 240 G

Feeling clean on a daily basis is important for people. Hairs in various parts of the body prevent this feeling. Removing hair is very important for cleanliness and health. While doing this, you need to choose the method of removal that suits your skin. Otherwise, you may suffer damage such as burning and bleeding. Waxing is one of the known natural methods. Models generally made from tree resin are not treated with Turkish market chemicals. That is why these models are the right choice for your sensitive skin. Models known for their ease of use are suitable for all skin types.

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