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Bursa Gurme Zencefil Receli (Ginger Jam) 300 g

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Its aroma is much more intense than the jams you know. It tastes both bitter and sweet. It takes courage to consume it on bread like that. For this reason, we recommend London Turkish market Ginger jam for breakfast, to give a dessertspoon to those who go to work and school, as a healing recipe that protects them from diseases and gives strength.

Bursa Gurme Ginger Jam 300 g

Ingredients: Sugar, Ginger, Lemon Salt.

We made London Turkish market ginger jam, which is beneficial for the stomach and effective against infections. We called it flu jam and made ginger easier to eat. It is a sedative and a gas remover. It makes the body sweat. With its anti-inflammatory effect, it is especially useful against joint inflammation. Ginger, which is good for colds, is expectorant and accelerates healing. It helps relieve nausea and prevents vomiting. It increases body resistance, physical and mental strength. It is germicidal. It strengthens the immune system. It is protective against cancer. In addition to helping to prevent vascular occlusion, it also helps relieve rheumatic pains by expanding blood vessels. It cures intestinal disorders. It cuts diarrhoea.

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