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Bursa Gurme Cilek Receli (Strawberry Jam) 300 g

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Strawberries that appear as the weather gets warmer; it fascinates people with its smell, taste and flavour. In addition to being widely preferred for its taste, it also has important health effects. Some free radicals in the human body damage healthy cells, making people susceptible to various diseases. Thanks to strawberry jam consumed every day, free radicals are cleared and prevented from damaging DNA. With this feature, it protects people from many types of cancer. It even positively affects the healing process of cancer patients. You can protect your heart health by consuming London Turkish market strawberry jam every day at your breakfast table. Like all products under the Bursa Gurme brand, strawberry jam options are extremely reliable and of high quality.

Bursa Gurme Strawberry Jam 300 g

Ingredients: Strawberry, Sugar, Lemon Salt.

Strawberry, the most consumed fruit of the summer season, continues to decorate breakfast tables with its jam form. In addition to being proven to have many benefits for human health, it also contains many vitamins such as vitamin A and C. So what are the other benefits of London Turkish market strawberry fruit?

  • Thanks to the polyphenols it contains, it protects the body against various bacteria and microorganisms. In fact, it plays an important role in overcoming the disease by strengthening the immune system during illness.
  • Strawberry, which can be preferred by people who want to lose weight or maintain their weight, prevents the growth of fat by suppressing the fat tissues in the body. In this way, it prevents weight gain.
  • While it balances blood sugar, it has a protective effect against the formation of type 2 diabetes.
  • Many foods can block blood vessels and cause cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of the phenolic compounds found in strawberries, it cleans the vessels and plays a protective role against cardiovascular diseases.

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