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Burcu Stuffed Vine Leaves ( Yaprak Sarma ) 400 g

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Canned food plays a life-saving role for those who do not have much time to prepare meals at home and are after food that they can easily prepare and consume. Burcu Stuffed Vine Leaves, which is among these products, reveals the success of the 400 gr Burcu brand on canned leaves, as well. This cheapest supermarket product, which you can easily find at our online stores in the food and food supplies aisles, is one of the most delicious foods among ready meals. Bringing one of the most popular foods of Turkish cuisine to your tables with the name Burcu Stuffed Vine Leaves 400 g, the product draws attention with its special formula prepared according to your taste.

Burcu Stuffed Vine Leaves 400 g

The ideal flavour of stuffed leaves is achieved with the content of onion, rice, vine leaves, water, sunflower oil, spices, sugar, salt, currants and citric acid in a net 350 gram content of 400 grams of canned food. You can serve a delicious cheapest supermarket food that can be served with dinner with its 400 grams canned food to your guests, or you can use stuffed leaves as a treat during tea breaks.

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