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Burcu Konserve Ajvar Aci (Hot) 310g

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Agricultural products are processed in production lines that offer the latest technological opportunities, preferred by the world's leading producers in tomato paste and Turkish market canned food production, and turned into carefully prepared products that are remembered by consumers with their quality and taste.

Burcu Canned Ajvar Hot 310g

Ajvar, one of the main appetizers, is an extremely delicious product. This flavour, originating from Macedonian cuisine and reaching the whole world, is a sought-after name in every cuisine. This taste, which is popular across countries, has an important place in production and industry. What distinguishes this Turkish market sauce from others is that it is prepared with roasted vegetables. This sauce, enriched with small nuances and made famous by immigrants everywhere, becomes one of the indispensable appetizers over time. It is a multi-purpose sauce that can be used from breakfast to special dinners. To whet your appetite, you can start the day by spreading ajvar on your bread. It is an extremely healthy and beneficial food, thanks to the vitamins in the vegetables it contains. You can double its taste by spreading it on toast for breakfast. During snacks, you can consume it by spreading it on light snacks such as wasa.

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