Burcu Kidney Beans In Sauce (Barbunya Pilaki) 400 Gr — Best Grocery
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Burcu Kidney Beans In Sauce (Barbunya Pilaki) 400 Gr

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The product, which is cooked in a hygienic environment using carefully selected, freshest vegetables and healthy legumes, can be safely consumed until the expiration date written on it. The Turkish market product, which is a favourite of mothers, is recommended to be consumed within 2 days after opening the lid. The metal box, which can be opened easily with the help of the opening ring, ensures that the product stays fresh throughout its shelf life, without getting airtight, without spoiling.

Burcu Kidney Beans In Sauce 400 G

A product full of flavour while enjoying nature! Would you like outdoor ready meal packages to accompany you? Burcu Kidney Beans in Sauce 400 G, which is a good option for those who want to consume home-cooked food in nature, stands out with its ready-to-eat food. To your camp; Burcu that will add health, practicality and taste! Burcu Kidney Beans in Sauce 400 G is a combination of quality materials. This healthy Turkish market meal, which can easily find a place in your bag with its shock-resistant and flexible packaging, will offer you a pleasant experience. Burcu outdoor Camp Meals are produced in our BRC certified factory under the supervision of experts.