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Burcu Imam Bayildi 400 Gr

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Imam Bayildi is a type of dish with eggplant as the main ingredient, prepared using onion and garlic. After the eggplants are peeled, they are cut lengthwise and they are started to be fried in olive oil without being completely divided into two parts. The mortar prepared with onion and Turkish grocery garlic is added to the eggplants. After the eggplants are covered with pepper, water, salt, sugar and olive oil are added and the food is left to cook.

Burcu Imam Bayildi 400 G

Eggplant contains special phytonutrients, including phenolic compounds, flavonoids such as nasunin, and numerous vitamins and minerals. Eggplant's high fibre and water content make it low-calorie. Eggplant, a member of the Solanaceae plant family, was judged to be a vegetable because of its anthocyanin antioxidant compounds, which can be seen in its rich purple colours. Researchers continue to learn more about the health benefits associated with Turkish grocery eggplant, but eggplant has been acclaimed around the world as part of a healthy, traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. Today, it is widely consumed in places such as France, Italy, Australia, Israel, Egypt, and the United States.

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