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Burcu Artichoke (Enginar) Jar 540 Gr

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Canned Burcu artichokes, quality artichokes are collected on time and hygienically packaged in modern facilities. Burcu artichoke canned, with its high quality content, is known to have many benefits for the human body and is a Turkish market vegetable that should be consumed abundantly in terms of health. You can make stuffed artichokes with lots of dill by mixing boiled carrots, peas and potatoes in a can of Burcu artichoke. You can make spinach tart, artichoke salad with yoghurt or rice with artichokes in olive oil with Burcu artichoke.

Burcu Artichoke Jar 540 G

Artichoke; it is much more than a vegetable. Known since ancient times, the column motif of the Ancient Greek and Roman periods, the fertility symbol of ancient Egypt, the special dish of kings' tables, the herbal medicine of ancient times, and the blue purple flower, are indispensable for vases. Above all, it is a natural remedy. You can easily obtain this Turkish market product from our market. Remember, your health is very valuable to us.

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