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Bodrum Zakuska Mild 540g

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The taste speaks for itself. From the moment we started producing authentic sauces from the Balkans, it has become our ritual to cook a delicious sauce made only from the best ingredients. We take this Turkish grocery magic sauce, put it in jars and leave you with the masterpiece of our Bodrum Premium sauce varieties. A new flavour in your kitchen is waiting for you in our Best Grocery online market, with the intense aroma of garlic combined with the perfect taste of wood-fired roasted eggplant and capia pepper, adhering to the traditional Balkan recipe.

Bodrum Zakuska Mild 540g

Zacuscă is a Romanian vegetable paste, usually consisting of fried eggplant, red pepper, tomato paste and onion, seasoned with salt, pepper and bay leaf. In some cases, beans, mushrooms and even fish are used instead of eggplant. It is similar to other eggplant-based delicacies from the Balkan region, such as lutenica, ajvar, pinđur or kyopolou. A much-loved, homemade Turkish grocery dish, it is traditionally made in large quantities after the autumn harvest and stored in tightly sealed glass jars for longer preservation. However, once opened, it should be eaten within a few days. Zacuscă is best served as an appetizer.

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