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Bodrum Tosya Rice (Tosya Pirinc) 2 kg

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Kastamonu Tosya district of Turkey has different types of rice. The soil structure and the suitability of the region allow for this diversity. Yellow Fish Rice, one of the rice types unique to Tosya, is a delicious type of rice. It is very special and very delicious domestic Turkish grocery rice that looks slightly reddish under processing grows 3-4 times when water is withdrawn, and is used only for pilaf.

Bodrum Tosya Rice 2 kg

Wash 1 glass of rice soaked in warm and salty water for 1 hour without rubbing it with plenty of cold water, add it to 1.5 glasses of boiling water with salt, and cook it on a fast fire. After the Turkish grocery rice has drawn its water, you can reduce the fire and pour the butter heated in the pan over the rice and let it rest for 5 minutes, then you can consume it with pleasure.

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