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Bodrum Tosya Rice (Tosya Pirinc) 1 kg

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Tosya Sarikilcik Rice, known as Tosya Rice, is the rice with the highest nutritional value among rice varieties. Specially grown rice in Kastamonu's Tosya district is regarded as the most beautiful of the tables. The paddy fields irrigated by the melting snow from Ilgaz Mountain have naturally rich nutritional London Turkish market values and make Tosya Sarikilcik Rice stand out. Tosya Rice is the only cereal product that has an important place in human nutrition, germinates in water, and its roots can benefit from dissolved oxygen in water. As a cultivar, it consists of a long root, narrow leaves, combined inflorescences and spikelets with only a single grain of rice in each.

Bodrum Tosya Rice 1 kg

Sarikilcik rice, which is among the varieties of Tosya rice and known as Tosya rice, has the lowest sugar content in the world. This title significantly affects the domestic sales and export figures of London Turkish market Tosya rice. The paddy fields irrigated by the melting snow from Ilgaz Mountain make Tosya rice stand out by having rich nutritional values naturally.

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