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Bodrum Tomato Passata (Domates Sos) 680g

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Bodrum Tomato Sauce has a perfect consistency, texture and naturalness. This best supermarket practical taste enriches your favourite recipes by adding density and flavour. It is an ideal product for adding a fresh and natural tomato flavour to all dishes that require short cooking times such as pasta sauces, rice dishes, pizza toppings and casseroles.

Bodrum Tomato Passata (Sauce) 680g

Due to its special packaging and air-tightness, it remains intact without additives. Thus, it is preserved for a long time without deterioration. Every step, from planting in the ground to picking tomatoes, has been followed in the organic process and presented to you. The natural and additive-free best supermarket tomatoes of Antalya, which is famous for its tomatoes, are first boiled a little. Then, after the water is drawn a little, it is immediately filled into airtight glass jars, without using any additives, so that the vitamins and minerals remain in them.

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