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Bodrum Tarhana Chips 200g

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Tarhana chips are a very special flavour of Kahramanmaras. It also has geographical indication. In other words, it is a natural product that stands out with its distinctive features such as content, taste, delicacy, smell and taste and is identified with the Maras region. The construction process, which starts with the cheapest supermarket wheat grains that drank the air and water of the region, are pounded in the ancestral stone mills and transformed into split wheat, boiled in copper cauldrons to soften them, and finally ends with the dough made with village yogurt and mountain thyme, which is popular for its mild sourness, and then dried by spreading thinly.

Bodrum Tarhana Chips 200g

This wonderful flavour, which was invented at the request of Sultan Selim Han to keep the army full during the Egyptian campaign, is still a healthy and nutritious cheapest supermarket snack today. You are invited to this delightful, satisfying delicacy.

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