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Bodrum Split Red Lentils (Kirik Kirmizi Mercimek) 1kg

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In the realm of wholesome nutrition and culinary versatility, Bodrum Split Red Lentils stand out as a kitchen staple, now conveniently available in a 1 kg package. Originating from the fertile lands of Bodrum, Turkey, these lentils are celebrated for their vibrant red hue, earthy flavour, and the nutritional punch they bring to a variety of dishes. As an excellent source of protein, fibre, and essential vitamins, these London Turkish market split red lentils not only contribute to a balanced diet but also elevate the taste profile of numerous recipes.

Bodrum Split Red Lentils 1 Kg

The 1 kg packaging of Bodrum Split Red Lentils ensures that your pantry is well-stocked with this nutritional powerhouse. Whether you are a seasoned chef crafting intricate culinary creations or a home cook seeking simple yet nourishing meals, these London Turkish market split red lentils offer a convenient solution. From hearty soups to flavourful stews and even vegetarian curries, the versatility of Bodrum Split Red Lentils makes them a go-to ingredient for those looking to enhance their cooking repertoire. Beyond their culinary prowess, Bodrum Split Red Lentils carry the essence of Bodrum's culinary heritage. The rich, red colour adds vibrancy to your plate, making the dining experience not only nutritious but also visually appealing. Embrace the goodness of Bodrum Split Red Lentils as you embark on a culinary journey that combines flavour, health, and the authentic taste of Turkey, all packed into a convenient 1 kg bag.

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Karen Alpan
Split lentils

Covered with additional cling film to account for inappropriate spillages