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Bodrum Spice Sumac (Sumak) 100g

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Bodrum Spice Sumac 100g is delivered to your door from London Turkish market if you order it now, with its high quality package and 70 gram package. Sumac, which is most preferred among the spices that our online market consumers add to their baskets, is defined as an indispensable part of especially sour dishes.

Bodrum Spice Sumac 100g

Bodrum Sumac, which goes well with salads, doubles the flavour on foods such as lahmacun. It is useful to store this spice, which you cannot find in Europe and America, in your bag during long trips abroad. Let's not pass without adding Manisa Kebab to all the kebabs it suits. It is also the best complement to Albanian Liver and finely chopped onions. Most of these products, which you can find in the spices section of our London Turkish market food and meal sections, have brought natural flavours that everyone can safely consume for many years; are the products of the Bodrum brand, which delivers hundreds of products, mainly sauces, tomato paste, herbal teas and spices, to millions of people.

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