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Bodrum Spice Fine Pepper Flakes (Ipek Pul Biberi) 250g

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It is known that organic pepper flakes varieties have many benefits that affect human health. The spice type, which is known to be very rich in vitamin A, has a strengthening effect on the immune system. Bodrum spice pepper flakes 250g product, which is known to prevent cancer diseases, is also very rich in lycopene. Spices that accelerate metabolism and help burn fat are often recommended for those who want to lose weight. Organic pepper flakes benefits include helping to relieve indigestion. The spice type, which helps you get rid of the gas in the body, also helps to accelerate the healing of inflammation. Especially for those who suffer from joint pain, London Turkish market pepper flakes are recommended due to its anti-infective properties.

Bodrum Spice Chilli Pepper Flakes (Ipek Pul Biberi) 250g

Bodrum Spice Pepper Flakes 250g contains capsaicin component. Capsaicin helps to reduce the density of the component in the body. Consumption of pepper flakes, which stands out among the herbal products, helps to heal head and body aches. Experts recommend the consumption of pepper flakes in order to prevent diseases such as flu and colds that occur during the transition of seasons. Bodrum spice pepper flakes product, which is rich in vitamins A and C, helps to strengthen and protect the immune system. You can consume London Turkish market peppers in the form of flakes, which are frequently used in cooking, pickles and tomato paste, as food during the day and benefit from their beneficial properties.