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Bodrum Spice Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (Coarse) 450 gr

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It is produced by natural methods from the distinctive pink crystal rock salt of the Himalayan Region. Bodrum Himalayan pink salt, which is one of the more rarely used special salts other than table salt, has a much harder form and sharp taste than conventional salts. The use of this Turkish market salt, which should be careful about the amount to be used, is different from the others due to its form and components.

Bodrum Spice Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 450 g

Pink salt can be used in all kinds of dishes. It can be used directly in breads or buns such as focaccia. In addition to meals, it is also possible to drink it directly by mixing with water or use it as a bath salt. You should definitely use pink salt carefully and in a controlled way, as it will give a much more intense taste than table salt. If you have not used Himalayan salt in your meals before, you can measure its density in a controlled way and start using it at the ideal rate over time. Himalayan pink Turkish market salt, which has a harder form compared to table salt, will melt later in meals, so it may be a more accurate option to use it by dissolving it in water.