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Bodrum Spice Garlic Powder (Sarimsak Tozu) 100g

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Garlic is a storehouse of taste and health with its high nutritional values. Bodrum Garlic Powder, which is preferred for its practicality; You can use it in pastries, ravioli, tzatziki and various sauces, meat/fish/chicken and vegetable dishes, anywhere you want the taste and aroma of best grocery stores garlic. Garlic, known for its flavour, aroma and benefits; It is separated from its roots and cleaned and dried without harming the vitamins, minerals and aroma it contains. It is ground in special machines and packaged as Bodrum Garlic Powder without adding any additives. Therefore, it is additive-free and natural.

Bodrum Spice Garlic Powder 100g

Garlic powder; You can use it in meatballs, soups, appetizers, yoghurt sauces, doughs, meals, in short, in every recipe where you use garlic, without the need for chopping and crushing. To preserve its freshness and ease of use, this best grocery stores product is packaged in 100g.

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