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Bodrum Spice Black Pepper Ground/Powder (Toz Karabiber) 100g

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Spices are among the elements that add flavour to foods. It is used in different amounts depending on personal preference. It is often added to salty foods. You can add spices depending on the density you want. The material known as Turkish market black pepper has been used for many years. It can be found as a powder as well as suitable for use in different forms. You can get support from various materials to use it as a whole. You can find the ground version by searching and examine the models that you come across. Tools specially designed to powder this spice make kitchens functional. In a short time, you can make the whole material ready to be used in meals.

Bodrum Spice Black Pepper Powder 100g

In addition, directly ground black pepper can be preferred. You can add flavour to your meals by keeping these materials, which are very easy to use, in the kitchen. In addition to having a bitter or sweet variety, it is evident in the foods it is used with its pleasant aroma. At the same time, this Turkish market spice type, which is loaded with vitamin C, has natural antibiotic properties. In addition, thanks to its richness in vitamins and minerals, it gives energy, protects the digestive system and helps it work more regularly. It protects the body by acting as a shield against diseases. In addition, ground black pepper used in powder form in almost every meal regulates the digestive system.