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Bodrum Plum Compote (Erik Kompostosu) 680g

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This Turkish grocery fruit, which helps to eliminate liver, kidney and digestive problems, also regulates women's menstrual periods. Generally, the fruit is larger, sweet and juicy and matures in August and September. As the fruits mature, they begin to soften and the sweetness rate in their flesh increases. Since it is fringe rooted, it does not make too much soil selectivity, it is suitable for growing in soils with less depth.

Bodrum Plum Compote 680g

Plum compote is a cool and useful drink that you can serve with your meals on summer days. In particular, red plum is both a storehouse of vitamins and has an intestinal regulating effect. You can consume the product that we produce without additives and preservatives at any time. You can order this Turkish grocery product now with confidence for your family and loved ones. We wish everyone a pleasant shopping...

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