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Bodrum Mild Lombardi Peppers 610 g

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"Bodrum Mild Lombardi Peppers 610g" refers to a specific product offered by the brand Bodrum. Lombardi peppers, also known as Lombardi or Lombardy peppers, are a type of Turkish market mild pepper originating from Lombardy, Italy. They are typically elongated and have a sweet flavour with a hint of tanginess.

Bodrum Mild Lombardi Peppers 610 g

The specific Bodrum product users mentioned is likely a jar or container of mild Lombardi peppers weighing 610g. This suggests that the peppers are preserved or pickled in some way. They can be used in various dishes, such as salads, sandwiches, antipasti platters, or as a flavourful addition to pasta sauces. To purchase Bodrum Mild Lombardi Peppers 610g or a similar product, you can check local supermarkets, specialty food stores, or online retailers that offer Turkish market or international food products. They may have this specific brand and product available for purchase.

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