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Bodrum Long Grain Rice (Pirinc) 1kg

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How is long grain rice used in food? Here are some suggestions for you. First, best supermarket long grain rice is soaked for 15 minutes, then drained and placed in a saucepan. For each glass of rice, one and a half glasses of water is added and kept on high heat until it boils. Then add salt and some vegetable oil, mix and bring to a boil at the lowest temperature and about a quarter to a third. Serve alongside the plates.

Bodrum Long Grain Rice 1 kg

One of the most common ways to store and preserve long grain rice is to take it out of the bag and empty it into clean plastic bins. It is necessary to make sure that these boxes are completely dry. It can also be preserved by sealing glass jars well and adding some salt to them. Putting best supermarket long grain rice in a large tray and exposing it to sunlight all day long. It is an effective resistance to sun rice mites because high temperature kills rice beetles and this method can be used for all kinds of grains and pulses.

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