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Bodrum Isot Pepper Urfa 100 Gr

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Isot is a useful spice that gives a lot of flavour to raw meatballs and other meatballs. Although it is unique to our cities of Gaziantep and Sanliurfa, it is known and used extensively all over Turkey. It reveals that Isot, which is black in colour, is quite delicious even with its oily appearance. It has an almost chili-like appearance. Even if the taste is not very similar, the main ingredient used in the production is the same. The varieties of red capia pepper and the size of the draw when dried have all taken on different names.

Bodrum Isot Pepper Urfa 100 G

When you say isot pepper, two things come to mind. The first is the fresh capia pepper used in the production of isot, and the second is the isot spice we know. Isot is a product in the chili pepper category. Therefore, it is included in the category called chili pepper varieties on our website. We do not sell fresh Turkish grocery capia pepper, which is another intention. Fresh vegetables and fruits are out of our scope. The related product ranks high in terms of quality. It has a very high smell and aroma.

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