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Bodrum Gherkins with Garlic 680 Gr

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Bodrum Gherkins with Garlic 680 G is a garlic pickle product produced by a food brand called Bodrum. Gherkins are pickled from small cucumbers and usually have a sour and salty flavour. Garlic is an added flavour in this Turkish grocery pickle variety and enriches its flavour.

Bodrum Gherkins with Garlic 680 G

As a brand based in Bodrum, Türkiye, it offers a wide range of food products. Bodrum Gherkins with Garlic is a product offered in a 680-gram package. You can usually find this product in places such as convenience stores, supermarkets, grocery stores or online shopping sites. Bodrum brand's own website can also be a source where you can buy the Turkish grocery product. Outside Turkey, international food importers or specialty shops focusing on Turkish cuisine can also help you find this product. You can easily access all Bodrum brand products online from our Best Grocery store.

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