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Bodrum Delight Cezerye with Pistachio 200g

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Coconut on Cezerye; Pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts are put in it. The benefits of cezerye, whose raw material is carrots, do not end with counting. This delicious best supermarket dessert, rich in vitamins C and A, is extremely beneficial for heart and eye health. According to the news of the calendar, the energy it gives is indisputable with the addition of sugar, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts and coconuts in addition to carrots.

Bodrum Delight Cezerye with Pistachio 200g

It is packaged in vacuum packages to preserve its freshness. In this way, it preserves its freshness and preserves its natural moisture. You can safely consume this amazing flavour with your family and loved ones. Now you can easily order this special best supermarket product in the desserts section. Thank you for choosing us for your shopping. We wish everyone happy shopping and healthy days.

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