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Bodrum Cornichons (Kornison Tursusu) 950 g

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This product made with seasonally grown gherkins only. It does not contain any additives, preservatives or colorants. You can use the pickle pieces as a garnish with any dish you want. Store your pickles in a cool, dark place out of the sun. Additive-free best supermarket pickles made with homemade vinegar may turn cloudy over time, and may be covered in white, this indicates that it is a natural pickle, please continue to consume it.

Bodrum Cornichons 950g

Cornichon pickles contain a high amount of fibre. Especially when it is eaten with a meal, it helps to keep the stomach full, while balancing insulin secretion and achieving a more controlled blood sugar. Pickles are full of good bacteria called probiotics, which are important for gut health and aid digestion. Pickles are a rich source of vitamin K. This vitamin has a number of important functions, including blood clotting, the absorption and use of calcium by our bones, and keeping that calcium out of our arteries. It has been proven that vinegar-based acetic acid in pickles prevents fat storage in the body. Best supermarket pickles help to lose weight in dieters because of its metabolism-accelerating effect, its effectiveness against constipation, and its low-calorie content. Pickles are rich in vitamin A, which helps support healthy vision. In addition, vitamin A provides important benefits for your immune system. Besides vitamin A, pickles contain vitamin K, which helps prevent osteoporosis due to its ability to regulate calcium levels. According to a study, athletes who drink pickle juice have shorter muscle cramps than athletes who drink water. There are studies showing that pickles can reduce flu and cold symptoms, that is, strengthen the paediatric immune system. Pregnant women, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, can relieve the problem of nausea by solving the problem with pickles. It is possible for those who experience nausea in normal times to relieve this nausea with pickles.

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