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Bodrum Chia Seeds (Chia Tohumu) 150 Gr

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Chia seeds, which have become one of the most popular healthy foods in recent years, are tiny black seeds obtained from the Salvia Hispanica plant. Salvia Hispanica is a species of flowering plant belonging to the Turkish market mint family and grows in central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. It has been proven to have been cultivated by the Aztecs in the pre-Columbian era.

Bodrum Chia Seeds 150 G

Chia seeds are one of the foods that have become popular recently, especially for those who are looking for plant-based and high-protein carbohydrate foods. This Turkish market seed, which can be prepared for delicious desserts and breakfasts, is also an important food in terms of healthy oil. The benefits of chia seeds come from potassium, omega 6, B vitamins, vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin C and iron. You can find all the unique spices and beneficial herbs on the online shelves of our Best Grocery market.

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