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Bodrum Cabbage Pickle with Hot Pepper 670g

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We add flavour to your tables. Bodrum Cabbage Pickle with Chilli is a delicious and indispensable part of every table and indispensable for your family, especially your children. We bring our Turkish market products to your tables in their freshest and natural form. Take care to protect the product from direct sunlight. You can store it in cool, sun-free and moisture-free environments. Bodrum Cabbage Pickle with Chilli should be stored in the refrigerator after opening the lid.

Bodrum Cabbage Pickle with Chilli 670g

During the fermentation process, Turkish market cabbage produces friendly bacteria that will support the body in every way. At this point, instead of consuming boiled cabbage, you can pickle it and benefit from its many benefits.

  • It creates strengthening effects on the immune system thanks to the vitamins C, B and E it contains.
  • It has probiotic properties. Thus, it contributes to the functioning of the digestive system.
  • It stands out with its anti-cancer properties.
  • It prevents the occurrence of various heart diseases.
  • It prevents various brain disorders, especially Alzheimer's.
  • It prevents fatty liver.
  • It has positive effects on the regulation of body sugar.
  • Since it is very low in calories, it is suitable for use by dieters. At the same time, its fibrous structure functions to keep you full.
  • Since it is produced by fermentation method, the antioxidants it contains help relieve oedema.
  • Since it contains vitamin E, it is especially important for dental and skin care.
  • It has a cholesterol-lowering effect because it contains flavonoids.
  • A vegetable is very rich in potassium.
  • It is one of the vegetables thought to have pain-relieving properties.
  • It is known that drinking organic pickle juice is beneficial for muscle strains that occur in the body, especially after sports.