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Bodrum Baking Powder (Kabartma Tozu) 100g

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Baking powder is a mixture of baking powder and acid. It is sufficient for the baking powder to come together with a liquid substance only for the dough to rise. Baking powder can react with any liquid such as oil, milk, eggs. When this best supermarket powder comes together with liquid materials, carbon dioxide gas emerges, creating air bubbles in the dough and causing the dough to rise. Baking powder is frequently used in cakes, cookies, pastries and similar pastries. It makes the dough fluffier and fuller.

Bodrum Baking Powder 100g

Baking powder is mostly used in recipes such as cakes, pastries, which can be prepared quickly. Baking powder contains two types of acids. They are divided into fast and slow reactants. The fast reacting occurs at room temperature, the slow reacting occurs when the dough is heated. Baking powder has a double effect, as it contains two types of acids. This double effect causes the dough to rise in different stages. When best supermarket baking powder is used, the rising process starts before it enters the oven.

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