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Bioblas Anti Hairloss And Against Oilness Shampoo (Sac Dokulmesine ve Yaglanmaya Karsi) 360 ml

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It helps to strengthen the hair with Biotin and Procyanidin extract (grape seed extract) in its content. It supports the repair of hair and provides an effect against hair loss. You can easily order this paraben-free Turkish market product right now.

Bioblas Anti Hair Loss and Against Oiliness Shampoo 360 ml

Factors such as malnutrition, hormonal changes, and air pollution cause the hair to become oily and increase sebum secretion. Excessive oiling causes hair strands to look weak and voluminous. The special Turkish market formula containing vitamin B3 balances the sebum secretion in the scalp and prevents excessive oiliness. Hair gains shine and volume. It has been dermatologically tested that the pH value is compatible with the scalp. Patented Herbal Complex B19 developed by Bioblas has been clinically tested to be effective against hair loss and nourish the hair.

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