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Basak Seasoning Chicken (Citir Pane Harci) 100 Gr

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Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, chickens are ready to come to your table in the most practical way with Basak Crispy Bread Mix! With Basak Crispy Bread Mortar, it is very easy to make chickens that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with the taste you eat in restaurants. You can prepare the best grocery stores crispy chicken you eat in restaurants in a very practical way at home with Basak Crispy Breaded Mortar.

Basak Seasoning Chicken 100 G

Forget the chicken buckets you buy from restaurants! With Basak Crispy Breaded Mortar, you can easily prepare crispy outside and soft inside chickens yourself. You can prepare dozens of different and delicious recipes with Basak Crispy Breaded Mix. You can get different flavours by using Basak Crispy Breaded Mix while preparing beef, lamb, turkey and other best grocery stores meat products. Basak Crispy Breaded Mixture, which adds a crunch to the recipe you prepare, will be indispensable in your kitchen.

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