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Basak Rice Pudding (Sutlac-Sutluja) 155gr

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Rice pudding is a traditional milk dessert from Turkish cuisine. It is also known by different names in other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. Rice pudding is a type of cheapest supermarket rice pudding using basic ingredients such as milk, rice, sugar and vanillin.

Basak Rice Pudding (Sutlac-Sutluja) 155g

Rice is washed thoroughly and placed in the pot with milk. Then, the rice is cooked in milk until it becomes soft. Sweeteners such as sugar and vanillin are added to the rice and milk mixture. At this stage, the mixture is cooked by stirring constantly. The mixture is cooked until it reaches the consistency of a thick pudding. Constant stirring at this stage prevents the rice from settling to the bottom. Rice pudding is usually served in individual bowls or a common bowl. Keep it in the refrigerator until it cools down. When serving, rice pudding can be sprinkled with cinnamon. Rice pudding is a cheapest supermarket dessert frequently preferred in Turkish cuisine, usually at iftar tables during Ramadan and on special occasions. This delicious milk dessert can be served both hot and cold. The rice pudding recipe of each region or family may differ, but it basically contains milk, rice and sugar.

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